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Our Civil team specializes in the design of streets; retaining walls; parking lots; paving; grading and drainage; ADA pedestrian pathways; and transportation safety improvements having worked on a variety of municipal, ADOT, and private projects.

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SR202L (Red Mountain Fwy), SR101L to Broadway Rd GP Lanes 


Ethos worked on the design of this 109-million-dollar design-build project which widened five miles of freeway from SR101L to Gilbert Road to accommodate additional general-purpose lanes and added HOV Lanes from Gilbert Road to Broadway Road. The design included 28 retaining walls. Through coordination with the design team and multiple agencies, Ethos’ design reduced the overall cost of the project associated with the walls and other items.

SR 202L South Mountain Freeway


Ethos had the privilege of working on the largest project in the history of ADOT that provides 22 miles of new freeway. As part of the overall involvement of our company in this project, our roadway team designed almost 400,000 SF of retaining walls and nearly 1 million SF of Noise Barrier Walls throughout the project. Our team also prepared wall and roadway details used project wide.

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Canalscape Pedestrian Bridges and Pathways at Sky Train Terminal and Creighton Elementary School

City of Phoenix

Ethos designed pedestrian bridges and pathways at two locations along the Grand Canal in Phoenix. The first location is near the Sky Train Terminal and requires an ADA ramp from the raised ped bridge to the lowered site at the Sky Train Terminal. The other location is near Creighton Elementary School and will improve the crossing and pedestrian access from the neighborhood to the school on the opposite side of the canal.

Piestewa Peak Trailhead Phase II -Mohave Trailhead Improvements

City of Phoenix

The Piestewa Peak Trailhead project included improvements to trailheads along East Squaw Peak Drive within the Piestewa Peak Mountain Preserve. Ethos, as a prime consultant for Phase II, designed the Hopi and Mohave Trailheads. The project increased public-parking spaces, facilitated traffic movement, added/restored ramadas and added restrooms at various locations.
Ethos successfully completed the structural, site civil, grading and drainage, utilities, SWPPP, signing and striping designs, and performed the geotechnical investigations.

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Apache Trailhead Improvements

City of Phoenix

The project reconfigured existing parking lots in an effort to increase spaces for public parking and facilitate traffic movements, added/restored ramadas and added restrooms at various locations. The access road was reconstructed to accommodate the new parking layout. An ADA compliant ramp was designed to gain access from the parking lot to the new bathroom and existing ramada areas. Ethos provided design for all site civil, grading and drainage, and utilities.

Dreamy Draw Parking Area Improvements

City of Phoenix

Ethos, as a sub-consultant for final design, provided civil, geotechnical, and structural engineering. The project reconfigured the existing parking lot to increase to 100 spaces for public parking, facilitated traffic movements, retrofitted two ramadas, and added a new restroom.

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Project Development On-Call


Ethos, as a sub-consultant, has completed more than 30 On-Call projects through ADOT's 2018 PDOC contract. Individual tasks involved evaluations of roadway, retaining walls, drainage conveyances and bridges, bridge replacements, bridge rehabilitations, pavement rehabilitations, pavement widening, pavement life extensions, and rumble strips associated with the state highway system. Roadway tasks included utility coordination, roadway details, guardrail improvements, and traffic striping quantities. 

SR101L (Red Mountain Freeway), Shea Blvd to SR202L


As a subconsultant, Ethos worked on the design of this project which widened five miles of freeway to accommodate additional general-purpose lanes. Ethos provided wall solutions to address widening of retaining walls in close proximity to existing walls and footings. Structural details for supports of traffic signs, landscape, roadway and drainage structures were provided.

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